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Each issue of The Scott Scheper Letter is sent to the print shop on the first business day of the month.

For instance, if you started your trial on July 15th, your first issue will be sent to the print shop on August 1st (assuming August 1st is a business day).

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If I cancel can I resubscribe later on?

No. I only want those who are committed for the long haul. Listen, hearken unto me: I am dedicating my life to making this the most life-changing letter you'll ever read. Each issue contains material that builds off the previous issue. This is why it's important for you to stick with it for the long haul. I am certain your mind, business, and life will be transformed by subscribing to this letter. If you are not willing to commit $1.60 per day to become a better reader, writer, thinker, and marketer, then I'm not for you. Sorry.

Why $11.86?

This covers the cost of shipping and materials. I don't skimp out on quality. The type of paper I use is thick 60 lb opaque paper.

Here's a full cost breakdown:

What happens if you increase the subscription price?

Don't worry; the price you get in at today is what you'll pay forever. I do intend to increase the price to $98.95/mo. in the future (which is what it's really worth). However, the rate you get today ($59.95/mo.) is the rate you'll pay forever. You're "grandfathered in," as they say.

Can I get access to previous issues?

Yes. You will receive instructions on how to access back issues via email one day after subscribing.

This ensures you'll be fully "up-to-speed" on the latest (and greatest) issue of The Scott Scheper Letter.

Can I get a digital PDF version at a lower price?

No. Physical ink-and-paper only. That's part of the magic.

Do you offer any refunds?

No, that defeats the purpose of having a free trial. The reason I offer a 1-month free trial is to give you a taste of what you'll get. Still, if you're unhappy, I'm unhappy!——which is why you can cancel your subscription anytime by phone, email, or heck——even by writing to my office. Full contact details are found below.

Any other questions?

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