2022 Sucked

2022 Sucked

December 31, 20224 min read

Am I the only one who thought 2022 sucked?

I mean, technically, things were pretty good for me in 2022. I wrote a book that became a bestseller in the Writing Skills category. I've helped thousands of people avoid the trap of digital PKM apps like Obsidian. My YouTube subscribers grew, and the Antinet Reddit community is thriving.

On top of this, I launched something I've wanted to create for two years: the best physical monthly newsletter in the world covering learning, writing, and marketing. (The first issue was mailed out yesterday! Get ready folks…)

Anyway, back to 2022… Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the craziness of my personal life. I got engaged, and moved in with my (tolerant) fiancé, and have created a nice quaint little "soul family." In doing this, I no longer survive off 7-Eleven beef jerky and protein bars. I even drive within the speed limit most of the time!

These things could be considered achievements. But overall, 2022 feels like a pretty shitty year.

Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion:

You see, this afternoon I had a local woodworker visit my office named Adam. I've been working with Adam for almost four months on a beautiful two-drawer notebox cabinet. The thing is gorgeous. It's made out of sturdy aged wood, and it's been "antiqued" and stained, and hand-crafted with love. Anyway, he stopped by my office today because he finally finished it, and I wanted to see it in person.

Here's a photo of it from earlier today:

(If you're interested in buying it, see P.S. #1 at the end of this email).

Anyway, while he was here we got to talking, and he told me that he had recently finalized his divorce. It took nearly three years! (While this is insane, I'm not surprised. My divorce to my "tryout spouse" took the same length of time). Side note: Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because it's worth it.

Anyway, after he told me this, I blurted out…

"2022 sucked!"

He lit up, "I know! It really did. A lot of people have told me this, but nobody admits it!"

I agree with him. I don't know what it is, but 2022 just seems like a "Meh" year.

I mean sure, there are systemic reasons for why it sucked. I mean the economy is in the toilet. The stock market dropped 19%, Amazon's stock is down 49%, and Bitcoin is down (a meager) 64%.

On top of this there's world issues like uh, war, and protests, and hurricanes, and financial frauds.

But don't these things characterize like every year? In fact, 2022 checked all the boxes: War, protests, hurricanes, and big scandals.

I don't think 2022 sucked because of those things.

I think 2022 sucked because it just did. I don't know why.

That said, the end of 2022 has felt very different, and I'm really optimistic about 2023. It feels like the year of intellectual world domination (for myself and my fellow people who value growth and learning).

My woodworker friend agreed with this: "2023 is going to be a hell of a year," he said.

One of the thing's I'm most excited about in 2023 is seeing our community of people build "the neo-intellectual life" for themselves——that is, a lifestyle where you get to spend your days reading, writing, and thinking (while also making a helluva living).

I have something cooking up my sleeve that I cannot wait to unleash in 2023.

One of the most encouraging things I've seen in 2022 is that the idea of creating a neo-intellectual life is more feasible than ever. I don't think——I know——that it's possible for you to create a life where you spend your days reading, writing, and thinking——while making $10,000, $20,000, heck even more than that——per month.

(I realize I'm starting to sound like some "get rich quick" Amazon FBA YouTuber douche).

But really, I think creating an intellectual lifestyle where you get to do the things you love, while making a heck of a living, is not only possible, it's simple!——if you implement the right model, that is.

That's what I've been cooking up in the background lately. My goal is to share a simple model I've discovered that will help you create the neo-intellectual life for yourself——where you get to spend your days reading, writing, and thinking——while also making a fantastic living.

Stay tuned,

And stay crispy, my friend.

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who Is Going to (With Your Help) Take Things To The Next Level in 2023"

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