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"Scott Scheper is an underground marketing whale."

——Chad Wilton, COO of AffiliateWorld

"Scott Scheper is a genius."

——Sam Markowitz, the last Protégé of legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert

"Scott knows how to create a movement."

——Dennis Rodman, Five-time NBA Champ and Speaker at one of Scott's Conferences

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Scott P. Scheper

Orange County, California

Thursday, 12:46 p.m.

Dear Friend,

I only consider you a "friend" if you're someone who's committed to growth and learning.

I also only consider you a friend if you're not a "buzzkillington." A buzzkillington is someone who doesn't laugh while watching Family Guy.

If this isn't you, no problem.

You can stop reading now.

Otherwise, let's get started.

The website you've just stumbled upon is going to be the most valuable thing you ever come across——in your life.

Here's why: My mission is to create an army of independent writers, creators, and thinkers——and I want you to be a part of this "army."

I am going to help you create the same lifestyle I enjoy. A lifestyle where you get to spend your days reading, writing, and thinking——

While also making well over six figures doing so.

If this interests you, then I'd like you to join me. On a regular basis, I will be writing to you.

I'll be sharing the latest events from my life. And I'll be sharing the very best lessons about reading, writing, and marketing.

If you would like to join my email list, then——

You need to apply.

I don't let everyone in.

Your application will be "Accepted" or "Rejected" within twenty-four hours. Please submit your application below.

Warm regards,

And always remember,

To stay crispy, my friend.

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who Does Things Differently"


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I am a man on a mission to create an army of independent writers, creators, and thinkers who make a killer living doing what they love.



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