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Zettelkasten for Story

August 21, 20233 min read


Scott P. Scheper

Orange County, California

Tuesday, 2:31 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Before you teach someone how much you know, you need to teach them how much you care.

If I had merely taught how much I knew about Zettelkasten, my book would have failed.

Instead, the Antinet Zettelkasten book has taken off and inspired people across the world. I get photos of people with their Antinet Zettelkasten from countries as far away as Kazakhstan.

And the most surprising thing of all is…

The person who sent me this photo looked nothing like Borat!

(Just kidding.)

(But seriously.)

But for realz, the Antinet Zettelkasten has created a movement around analog PKM of all things!

How this happened is no accident.

You see——

Before I taught people how much I knew about Zettelkasten, I taught them how much I cared about Zettelkasten.

How do you teach someone how much you care?

It's simple. You share something called, "an origin story."


Hidden in plain sight, behind everything I do, you will find things that are very carefully constructed.

One example of this is my own origin story which I share in my Antinet Zettelkasten book.

I crafted my origin story using something I callThe Impeccable Origin Story Formula. This formula contains several parts which——once you know them——will allow you to tell stories that spread like wildfire.

This means——if you're creating a book, a course, or any other type of knowledge product——you won't have to worry about marketing that much


Because you will have an origin story built into your product that does the marketing for you.

In Issue No. 9 of The Scott Scheper Letter, I will be teaching you my origin story formula——card-by-card.

Yes, card-by-card.

Here's what I mean…

It probably comes as no surprise to you, but I used my Antinet ZK to write my origin story.

In Issue No. 9, I'm going to walk you through each notecard I created in order to construct my origin story.

I'm going to show you what to write.

I'm going to show you how to write it.

I'm going to show you how to number each notecard.

And I'm going to show you how to title each notecard.

Pretty cool, huh?

As I was writing the issue, I began to realize that by teaching you my origin story formula using a Zettelkasten, I'm actually teaching Zettelkasten just as much as I am teaching how to write an origin story.

I bring this up because it's also one of the best ways to truly learn how something works.

As similar analogy is the classic book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

The book is about a motorcycle trip across America with a father and son. But really, it teaches Zen.

Issue No. 9 of The Scott Scheper Letter is about constructing your own origin story. But really, it teaches Zettelkasten.

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm talking about:

Scott Scheper of Orange County

If you aren't already aware, I produce the best physical monthly newsletter in the world about knowledge, writing, and marketing.

It is called,
The Scott Scheper Letter.

With your subscription comes access to me and my fellow community of writers, creators, thinkers, and——of course——Antinetters.

If you would like to receive Issue No. 9,
the deadline is coming up!

And honestly——

I may even close down public access at some point.

Fellow Antinetter and Subscriber, Mr. Tyson J. Hayes (aka, Father-figure In Residence) recently suggested we make our community private——and available to join only by way of recommendation from a current Subscriber.

I'm seriously considering this. 

But in the meantime, you can pick up a free 30-day trial using the link below:

I ask, in exchange, that you cover the cost of printing, shipping, and materials for your first issue (totaling $11.86).

Warm regards,

And stay crispy, my friend.

Scott P. Scheper

"Author of Zettelkasten and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

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