I am an Antinetter.

An Antinetter is someone who develops knowledge using analog tools and distributes knowledge using digital media.


These days, people use "shortcuts" to develop knowledge by leveraging AI to create cheap content.

An Antinetter is different. We are not "Luddites" who shun digital. We leverage digital, and do so in the opposite sequence than most. (The "anti" sequence.)

Antinetters take an "analog-first" approach to the knowledge we create.

Only after that do we use digital media to distribute it.

See the Antinetter Creed below:


We believe in the power of analog knowledge.

Analog knowledge is key to becoming a better thinker.

Analog knowledge is key to becoming a better writer.

Analog knowledge is key to marketing yourself more effectively.

Analog knowledge is key to making more money from your knowledge work.

Most importantly, analog knowledge is key to impacting more lives within your field.

We are a community of people committed to growth.

When everyone's zagging, we're zigging.

We test everything.

We are not "anti-digital," we're "anti-lazy."

We believe in the practice of neuroimprinting for learning new skills.

We believe the old way, the slow way, the deliberate way—is also the best way.

This is what it means to be an Antinetter.

This is the Antinet way.

I donate five percent of all profits to

I am a man on a mission to create an army of independent writers, creators, and thinkers who make a killer living doing what they love.



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